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We pulled up to an old two-story house; the white paint was chipping off, two windows showing in the front, a wooden door, and a small awning. Around it were two big oak trees on either side of the house, a small garden, grass, and a curving stone walkway. There was a long driveway leading down to a small garage. As soon as the car was stopped, I quickly hopped out of my mother's grey Toyota Camry, and rushed up the walkway to the door. "knock-knock-knockknock-knock-ding-dong!" The last note of the bell rang out, and then the sound of locks turning was heard. Brenan stood in the doorway, "Sammy!" He squealed wrapping me in a tight hug. "Bren Bren!" I said in the same tone as him, returning the hug. My mother's heals clicked annoyingly against the walkway, sounding her approach. "Hi I'm Samantha's mom. Is your father home?" Her fake smile, an enthusiasm, made my stomach curl up. "Yeah, let me go get him. You can come in if you like. Oh and Sammy?" He asked, looking me. "Yes Bren?" I responded. "I allow you to enter my home," He said putting his arm horizontally under his eyes, and in a voice that imitated Dracula's. "Oh ha, ha. Very funny," I said, kind of irritated. My friends always made vampire jokes to me because of how 'inhumanly silent' I could be, and my love/fascination with blood. I find it interesting, and I get called a vamp for it. I entered the house, my mother trailing behind me. "I'll be right back," Bren said before exiting the room to the one next to it. A little while later, Bren came back with one of his dads. "Hi I'm Brenan's dad Robert, but you can call me Rob," came the introduction of the tall, lean man in front of us. "Hello Rob, I'm Samantha's mom Sonia," my mother responded. Bren took me by the arm and pulled me off to the side, "Wanna go to my room?" "Is that even a question?" Was my response, he knew I hated my mother. "Then in that case, hello my name in Bren imagayboydealwithit Bren, and I will be your escort this evening," he said bowing towards me. I couldn't help but giggle, he was a character alright. He then turned around and started walking down the hallway to a staircase and walked up it, me trailing behind. He walked up to a black door with crimson red paint splattered across it, and in gold letters saying, "CAUTION!" on it. He got the idea of his door from me; I wrapped some of my grandfather's caution tape around my door because I wasn't allowed to paint it. I actually helped him paint the door, he brought the door when it was still white to my house when his parents were gone for 2 days, and my mom was working. Because we only live about a block away from each other, it was easy for him to go and leave easily from my house. He just told his dads he painted it, when they asked about it. "Nice door," I said smiling. "Why thank you, me and one of my really awesome friends painted it," he said returning my smile. "Well tell them I said they did a good job when you see them." "Will do, oh and by the way, one of my friends said you did a good job on the door." He then opened his door exposing his room; the walls were white, there were two windows, a bed in the corner, a television surrounded by video games and movies, a PlayStation, and a large bookcase. As I was looking around I saw someone on his bed leaning back, face hidden behind Bren's laptop. "Des, bro, Sam's here. Don't be rude and say hi," Bren said flopping back on his bed. Des looked up from the computer and looked up at me, "Hi, uh, Sam?" He gave me a questioning look, but continued to stare. "Yeah, it's Samantha but it you call me that we'll have some problems. You can call me Sam or Sammy, and hi," I said talking with my hands as normal. "Oh," he said looking a bit shocked by my outburst. "So, what cha lookin' at there Des?" I said walking over to him and sitting on the left of him because Bren was on the right, putting him in the middle. "Watchin' Human Centipede," He replied still looking at me. "Awesome!" I said and looked at the screen. They were at the end of the movie, when the old creepy guy was swimming in the pool and the other people were trying to get away. We watched the rest of the movie in silence, that is until I talking to the computer screen. "What the fuck? That is probably one of the most retarded things I have ever seen," I said pointing to the screen that showed the man that just slit his throat now dead on the carpet," I mean if I was in his situation I would never do that. He's so close to freedom and then he just kills himself! That's so stupid!" "I see you're really passionate about this," Des said looking at me, Bren also turned towards me. "I just think it's stupid that's all," I looked back at the screen, but I could feel Des still looking at me. Why does he keep staring at me? As if he read my mind, he looked back at the screen, credits now rolling.
We spent the rest of our time watching more movies, me and Bren talking about serial killers, listening to music, talking, and we went outside in Bren's back yard jumping on the trampoline. "Ah, fuck," Des said looking at his phone. "What?" Me and Bren said in unison. "I have to go, my mom wants me to go back home. Will you guys walk me?" "Yeah," Bren said smiling. They both looked at me, "Sure bro," I said sitting down and putting my shoes on. "Oh, I almost forgot, Sam, can I have your number?" "Yeah, sure," I said looking up from my now tied shoes taking his phone in my hand and dialing my number. "Thanks," He said when I handed him back his phone, "No problem. Now let's go, I don't want you to get in trouble with your mom." On the way to take Des home, I realized that he lives two streets down from me. "Dude, where do you live?" I asked stopping in front of my house. "Just down Elmore Street," He said also stopping. "Dude you live really close to me! That's my house!" I said pointing behind me at my house smiling. "Oh shit he does," Bren said looking a bit shocked, Des and I looked at Bren. "Bren Bren, you're slow, I love you, but you're slow," I said laughing a bit. Me and all my friends always say 'I love you' to each other. "Bren Bren?" Des questioned looking at me with furrowed brows. "Yeah, Bren Bren is what I call Brenan because he is my gay husband, and only I get to call him that because I said so," I say back hugging Brenan. "Okay?" Des said still looking a bit confused but he turned around and continued on to his house. Once we got to Des' house, we said good bye then left to my house. "Bye Bren!" I yelled back at him, he smiled and waved at me, then started back to his house. Once I closed the door, I went up to my room. I opened the door, turned on my stereo, and jumped onto my bed. "Caraphernelia" by Pierce The Veil came on, and then I felt a buzz in my pocket. I took out my phone and read the new text I got.
"Hey, it's Des
-ImBiWinningBitch- "
Sorry, I've been spending the night with people back to back and been really busy. So here's the next chapter. Comment please, tell me what you think! :)
immo530 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Student Photographer
Its pretty awesome!
Trying to think of the significance of Des, looking forward to the next chapter :)
xXEMOxSKATERxGIRLXx Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Thankies! :)
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